The New Religion of Sex and Murder


Article #301

by Bill Nugent


Have you heard of the Four Horsemen of the New Atheism? The four horsemen are four of the most prominent atheists of the twenty-first century. The four men began using the term “four horsemen of the new atheism” after meeting together at Christopher Hitchens’ home in 2007. The men are: prominent evolutionist Richard Dawkins (1941-  ), philosopher Daniel Dennett III (1942-  ), philosopher/neuroscientist Samuel Harris (1967-  ) and the late author Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011). They’ve invented a new secular religion.


Atheists say God is dead. If God is dead, someone has to take His place. The new god is the self. But then, does the self have any transcendant worth or absolute morals? The postmodern American secular self is driven by a wide range of emotions and intellectual beliefs. In a society atomized with competing selves, is there any way to enact rules with real authority? Who gets to play god? They claim people are descended from apes. Why not act like apes?


The four horsemen are leaders of the “new atheists.” The new atheists are an outspoken breed of secularists. Some of these radicals have openly called for the suppression of Christianity in America. One prominent new atheist even defended the killing of Christians. Mark Tushnet, a “progressive scholar” of Harvard University opined that “The culture wars are over; they lost, we won.” I’ve got news for him; the culture wars are not over. Truth will win in the end.


Richard Dawkins and the other contemporary atheistic thinkers pride themselves on reason, empiricism and science. It’s ironic that they would be concerned to try and shape society given that they regard human beings as nothing more than soulless descendants of apes. If they really believe humans are merely intelligent animals why go to such lengths to protect them? Why all the books and lectures and demands for gay marriage and abortion?


We butcher and eat billions of cattle, pigs, chickens and fish each year. No one cares. The animal rights movement is a tiny fringe movement and even most of them don’t want to outright ban pork chops. Western people have traditionally regarded humans as a higher order of being because humans have souls and animals do not. Animals have no conscious existence in the afterlife. Animals have no future according to the traditional view.


Atheists claim that humans have no conscious existence in the afterlife according to the Humanist Manifesto of 1933. Atheists claim that humans are like animals and have no future after death. I guess they would say Hitler and Stalin got away with it all.


If humans have no future, humans have no transcendant value. The new atheists, if they really took their belief system to its logical conclusion would not be social activists. The only rational response of the sincere atheist would be apathy.


Could it be that even the most militant atheists intuitively know deep in their hearts that humans do have souls and therefore humans have real value after all? Could these new atheists secretly believe that humans do have a conscious existence after death and the eternal souls of people were put there by God and all souls are accountable to God? The Bible in Romans 1:20 says that God has made Himself known to all people through nature and that “they are without excuse.” Romans 1:18 says that certain people “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (NAS). The atheists know the truth deep in their hearts yet they suppress it.


Ted Koppel of ABC’s Nightline said a few years back, in his famous statement about the Ten Commandments: “They are the Ten Commandments, not the Ten Suggestions.” Many people, all across the religious and political spectrum applauded Koppel’s brave, slightly politically incorrect statement. After all, who could be against the Ten Commandments?


It was a “few years back” that Koppel made his claim. Recent developments in the course of western civilization, especially in academia, have given the clear impression that our mind molders are trying to repeal the seventh commandment which states “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Many, if not most, of these same opinion shapers are also trying to repeal the sixth commandment which reads: “Thou shalt not kill.”


Have you ever noticed that most of what we’ve been arguing about in the political arena regarding social issues has been about sex? There’s been furious battles over gay marriage and the commands of city governments to allow men in women’s locker rooms if the men are transgendered. The seventh commandment, which forbids adultery has generally been understood to be taken as a summation of the prohibition of all sexual deviancy. The seventh commandment forbids fornication and homosexual acts. Other passages in the Bible specifically forbid these and other forms of sexual misconduct.


The secular mind shapers also seem to be trying to repeal the sixth commandment that forbids murder. Unwanted pregnancy is what follows rampant fornication and adultery. The answer to that is murder of the unborn by abortion.


The Ten Commandments, down through history, have had an enormous influence on the formation of English common law and American jurisprudence. You can certainly argue that the western democracies are far from being Christian now. However, one would certainly admit that western governmental philosophy has sprung from the Judeo-Christian faith over the last two millennia. It’s a shame that we now see the new atheists attempt to impose a new secular religion of toleration of sex and murder.


Popular Christian author, Frank Turec has said that the American secular religion is a religion of idolatry of sex. Sex is what we most passionately argue about in politics and the culture wars. We debate over abortion, gay marriage, coed bathrooms and who should pay for contraceptives. Turec says that most people are not on a truth quest but are on a happiness quest. They should know that the greatest happiness comes through discovering the truth.


Jesus Christ offers not shallow religion but rather a deep personal relationship with God. Jesus offers forgiveness of sins because He died for our sins. Jesus came in fulfillment of over 300 prophecies written in the Old Testament hundreds of years before His birth. The prophecies foretold, in Isaiah 53:5, that He would be “wounded for our transgressions”  which means Christ took the penalty of our sins upon Himself. Christ was raised from the dead to offer forgiveness of sins to all who turn to Him in repentance. Turn to Christ today to receive forgiveness of sins!


Steps to salvation:

Jesus said “Ye must be born again” (John 3:7).

  • 1) Believe that God created you and loves you and sent the Messiah (Messiah is Hebrew for Christ) to redeem you.
  • 2) Believe that Jesus Christ came in fulfillment of over 300 Bible prophecies to die for you, to take upon Himself the penalty of your sins (Isaiah 53:5-6, John 6:29, Romans 4:5, First Peter 3:18).
  • 3) Turn from sin and call on the name of Jesus to receive forgiveness of sins (Romans 10:13).
  • 4) Receive Jesus as Savior and experience the new birth (John 1:12, Acts 2:38).
  • 5) Follow Jesus Christ as Lord (John 14:21).

Prayer to receive salvation:

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

To receive the salvation that Jesus purchased for us at the terrible cost of His suffering and death on our behalf I invite you to pray this simple prayer:

“Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for sending Jesus, the promised Messiah, to die for my sins. I admit that I am a sinner. I repent of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness on the basis of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit to empower me to serve you under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer in the humble sincerity of your heart then you have received everlasting life, which includes power to live right in this life and entrance into heaven in the afterlife!

(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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