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Ministry and Personal Life


  • Bill has known the Lord for over 40 years, having come to know Him at the age of 20 while in college. The Lord has anointed him as a teacher and he’s taught the scriptures both in writing and orally. He’s served as deacon, elder and co-pastor in churches in Florida and New York and has taught in both the classroom setting and from the pulpit. Bill also has a strong burden for personal evangelism and evangelism over the Internet.


  • He is committed to sound biblical doctrine. He’s trinitarian, believes in the deity of Christ and that the power of the Holy Spirit is in operation today, including prophecy and the gift of tongues. He’s a four point Calvinist and deeply committed to teaching and defending the biblical doctrine of justification by faith in Christ. Bill teaches on the importance of the local church and its centrality in the nuture and sanctification of disciples of Christ.


  • Bill is an ordained minister of the Gospel (ordained by Harvest Time Assemblies in 1990) and is currently the Director of a teaching ministry called Overcomer Ministries.


  • Published Books & Articles:


  • Book titled Messianic Jews and the Law of Moses, e-published and available for download from this web site, is a study of how Jewish believers in Jesus are to relate to the biblical commands of the Old Testament. It is of interest to all believers – both Jews and Gentiles – seeking insight into the tension between grace and law.


  • Book titled The Cross, Self-Denial and the Manifestation of the Sons of God, e-published and available for download from this web site – gives balanced scriptural analysis of the manifested sons doctrine and the role of self-denial in qualifying believers to be released into manifested sonship. It features insights into both eschatology and sanctification. The book provides practical teaching on what it truly means to take up one’s cross daily.


  • Book titled Overcoming Through Self-Denial, published by Harvest Time Tabernacle, Apopka, Florida, 1985, is a study of the biblical doctrine of self-denial and how it contributes to the believer’s growth unto maturity in Christ. This was later revised, much expanded and retitled “The Cross, Self-Denial and the Manifestation of the Sons of God” (see above).


  • Book titled Lawful or Legalistic: How New Testament Believers Must Understand Old Testament Laws recently published by Xulon Press, Longwood, Florida, USA is similar to Messianic Jews and the Law of Moses (see above) but is geared more for the Gentile reader though Jewish believers will certainly find it relevant. It provides a proper understanding of how to understand and apply the Old Testament Law. A link is provided below to connect to the order page at amazon.com to obtain this book in paperback at a reasonable price.


  • Bill has authored numerous articles on prayer and the Christian walk. Titles include “The Greatest Evil on Earth”, “Spiritual Exercise of Authority”, “The Will of God: Contrast Between the Gospels and the Epistles” and others published by Harvest Time Tabernacle’s newsletter for national and international distribution


  • Bill currently writes a series of articles called “Defending the Faith” which, as the title suggests, defend the Christian faith from the many attacks leveled against it in our postmodern world. The articles deal with such topics as evolution, UFOs, cults, modern/postmodern philosophy, liberal theology and popular culture. At the end of each article is an invitation to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. These articles are sent out over the Internet to several opt-in email lists. People who receive these articles are encouraged to resend them to their own lists and in this way reach their own unsaved relatives and friends with the Gospel. To receive these articles which are sent out once per month fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


  • To obtain a copy of the award winning paperback: Lawful or Legalistic: How New Testament Believers Must Understand Old Testament Laws click here