by Bill Nugent
Article #110

The subject of our discussion today concerns a fictional ship designer named Larry who is working on a top secret project for Northrop Grumman, the principle builder of warships for the US Navy. In his office at the Northrop Grumman subsidiary in Newport News Virginia, Larry was experimenting on how to rapidly modify the design plan of a new type of guided missile cruiser. Larry needed to do a major modification in the design to include a helicopter pad in the stern of the ship.

Larry uses a computer with Computer Assisted Design and Drafting (CADD) software. The design of the cruiser is stored in the computer. He just needed to add the helipad but that was no small task. Larry then decided to pursue what he thought was a shortcut. He pondered about biology and the designs of animals. The DNA of an animal is the design of the animal and changes in the DNA cause changes in the actual structure of the animal. Atheist evolutionist scientists postulate that a change in the DNA put a trunk on an elephant.  Larry thought — why can’t a random change in the memory chip in my computer put a helipad on the stern of the ship?

Larry took the memory chip out of his computer and subjected it to heat and dipped it in chemicals and radiated it with x-rays. He did this with many chips. He found that if such treatment didn’t ruin the chip outright it garbled the design features that were stored in it. Of the thousands of chips he subjected to such abuse in the hopes of improving his design he saw no addition of design features to his ship. He got strange looking designs or no designs at all. He didn’t get anything like a helipad on the stern of his ship by these random alterations of his design.

Finally the chief project engineer called him in on the carpet and said to him “Larry, have you gone berserk!!!??? We’re months behind schedule because of your absurd experiment. You’ve destroyed thousands of chips and produced nothing but strange and unworkable designs.” Sheepishly, Larry left the room and went back to his office and began the painstaking process of using his brilliant mind to modify the design of the guided missile cruiser.

Larry’s design which included the helipad was ultimately approved by the Pentagon and slated for production. The chief project engineer then called Larry into his office and congratulated him on his design and said “Larry, your bizarre experiment in which you abused memory chips sure proved something to me. It proved that random changes to a ship’s design cannot improve that design. A ship is a simple thing compared to a living organism. You proved to me that random mutations of DNA could never cause uphill change in the DNA to cause a flightless animal to sprout wings or any such thing. Only an intelligent designer could create life in all its complexity. Your silly experiment caused me to turn back to God and to return to church — as my wife has been after me to do. I have given my heart to Jesus Christ and I trust in His death and resurrection on my behalf to procure for me forgiveness of sins and entrance into heaven in the afterlife!”

The above novelette illustrates a fact that geneticists have known for a long time: genetic mutations delete or scramble information in the DNA and virtually never make a net gain of information to the genetic codes of living organisms. Evolution has no mechanism of operation. The emperor has no clothes!


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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