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The Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain in the Alps. Its distinctive hooked peak is immediately recognizable. The Matterhorn has been called “a mountain upside down” by creationists since this mountain is where we find a supposed 200 million year old fossil layer (Mesozoic) on top of a supposed 40 million year old (Cenozoic) layer.  The above mentioned sequence is opposite of what one would expect given old earth Darwinist assumptions. It’s a geologic column in reverse order. If evolution were true, the Mesozoic should be beneath the Cenozoic layer of stone.
So here is a mountain that is famous and readily accessible to both geologists and lay people and it contains a glaring example of fossils out of order.  Would you be surprised if I told you that there are hundreds of examples of out of sequence fossils all over the world? (See article: Morris, J. 2013 “The Upside Down Mountain” Acts & Facts, 42 (8): 13 at
If you paid attention in biology class when you were being indoctrinated into old earth evolutionary theory, you remember the textbook exhibit of alleged horse evolution. The diagram in the textbooks used in US public schools shows the alleged evolutionary progression from Eohippus to Mesohippus to Neohipparion to Pliohippus to the modern horse, Equus. The drawings show the four toed animal as the earliest and the alleged later evolved animals having progressively fewer toes till you arrive at the one toed, hoofed horses of today. The fossil record, however, is not kind to this artistic rendering and storytelling.
Horse fossils are found out of order. In Oregon, alleged intermediate forms, three toed Neohipparion is found in the same strata layer with one toed Pliohippus. There are other examples of the upside down horse fossil record, including the fact that some of the alleged intermediates are found on different continents. To their credit, evolutionary paleontologists have freely acknowledged these problems with the horse series. I wish they would tell the textbook writers because the old version of the horse series is still occasionally used to deceive young minds. (See article: Morris J. 2008 “The Mythical Horse Series” Acts & Facts 37 (9): 13 at
Books have been written about human fossils and artifacts found in coal seams. Some of the coal seams where human fossils were found are dated according to prevailing old earth methods at over 100 million years. One well known book on the subject, Forbidden Archaeology by Michael Cremo (with Richard L. Thompson) documents human fossil and artifact finds from all over the world. I don’t recommend this book because it is written from a Hindu perspective. I only mention it here because it’s an example of extensive documentation done by nonchristian researchers and it goes to show that Christian creationists are not the only ones pointing to the fossils out of order.
I’ve read of many human fossils found in coal. One example is a human skull found in a coal seam in Germany. It’s not recognized by paleontologists because it was not discovered by a paleontologist. Many, if not most, fossils found in coal are discovered by miners. There are probably a thousand miners at work in the world for every one paleontologist. Each miner probably moves a thousand times more dirt in his career than does a paleontologist. Miners find human bones and artifacts on occasion and some make an effort to get their discoveries recognized but if a paleontologist was not on the scene when it was found they generally dismiss the find. That, of course, does not discredit the many human fossils found in coal seams. The lack of academic acceptance, however, makes it hard to persuade people who insist on seeing finds reported in peer reviewed journals.
The Grand Canyon in Arizona in the US contains dozens of clearly defined rock layers containing fossils. It’s no surprise that we find fossils out of order in this extensive location. There are photographs of horselike hoof prints discovered in Grand Canyon rock strata dated by old earth methods at 100 million years older than the supposed evolution of hoofed animals! The photos of the out of order hoof prints were published by a leading authority on the Grand Canyon. (See Edwin D. McKee, The Supai Group of Grand Canyon, Geological Survey Professional Paper 1173, Wash. D.C.: US Gov. Printing Office, 1982 pp. 93-96, 100.)
The creationist websites: and have much documentation of fossils out of sequence. Just visit either of these websites and type “fossils out of order” in the search box and you will see links to many articles written by Ph. D. scientists that document out of sequence fossils. Fossils out of order serve to disprove Darwinian macroevolution because such fossils reverse the time scheme of evolution. The fossil record often shows the end products of alleged evolution occurring before the precursors! These anomalies cannot be explained by any stretch of Darwinist reasoning.
The fossil record is consistent with the biblical historical narrative that describes a recent creation of all animal and plant types and the massive flooding of the continents during a global catastrophe. During the flood of Noah’s time the Bible says “all the fountains of the great deep burst open” (Genesis 7:11 NAS). This refers to undersea earthquakes and catastrophic plate tectonics that drove huge tsunamis across continents depositing sediment layers and sweeping away lush forests and burying massive amounts of plant matter which would become coal seams. It is therefore not surprising to find human remains in coal seams deep below the surface.
The Bible gives an accurate description of early earth history but more importantly it tells us of the human need for forgiveness of sins and how such forgiveness is obtained. Jesus of Nazareth, the promised Messiah of Israel, came in fulfillment of over 300 prophecies that were recorded in the Old Testament hundreds of years before His birth. Christ performed miracles in front of eyewitnesses to prove He is the Messiah. Jesus died for our sins and took upon Himself the penalty we deserved for our sins. He rose from the dead to offer forgiveness of sins and eternal life to all who call upon Him. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ today to receive forgiveness of sins!

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(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.


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