by Bill Nugent
Article #57

TV news and newspaper headlines report many instances of Catholic priests sexually molesting boys. This is both a tragedy and a lesson for our times. Most observers do acknowledge the fact that most Roman Catholic priests are honorable men who adhere to a life of celibacy. The pedophile priest scandal has nonetheless rocked the Catholic church to its core.

This is a good time to reflect on the Bible’s prohibition of homosexual conduct. Men seducing boys is a clear manifestation of homosexual conduct. The gay rights organizations try to persuade us that man-boy sexuality is not homosexuality. They claim that man-boy pedophilia is a distinct category apart from homosexuality. This claim is absurd because man-boy sexuality is by its very nature a homosexual act!

Current statistics show that approximately 30% of all children that are sexually molested are boys molested by men. Since only about 2% of the male population is homosexual, the fact that 30% of all child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature is certainly cause for alarm. Two percent of the population accounts for 30% of the molestation of minors! (Kinsey’s claim that 10% of the male population is homosexual is generally regarded as way too high.)

One study shows that about 27% of 12 year old boys are confused regarding their sexual identity/orientation. By the time they reach 17 years old that figure drops to 5%. By the time they are 21 only about 2% of the male population are confused regarding sexual identity/orientation. This clearly reveals that boys around the age of 12 are especially vulnerable to seduction by male homosexuals. Such seduction is a common way that boys are steered into a life of homosexuality. This also goes to show that parents need to protect their young sons from homosexuals and that pro-homosexual literature should be removed from the schools.

Homosexuality is no longer on the official list of psychological disorders in the United States but is still officially listed as such in many other countries. Homosexuality is unhealthy, it is a pathology, it is contrary to nature and contrary to common sense. The human body was not designed for male to male or female to female intercourse.

The Bible clearly prohibits homosexuality in several passages. One that comes to mind is “….men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error” (Romans 1:27 NASB).

Do we accept homosexuals in our churches? Yes. We also accept drug addicts in our churches. Homosexuals and drug addicts certainly belong in our churches! We accept them but we don’t accept sinful behavior for even one minute! We don’t tolerate drug use and we don’t tolerate homosexual acts. People come to church to repent and get right with God. We accept homosexuals and drug addicts who are willing to repent and embrace a godly lifestyle. We must not assume an attitude of holier-than-thou superiority because all of us also were engaged in ungodly behaviors before we came to Christ. Let’s pray for the homosexual community that God would grant unto them the grace of repentance and let’s remember that we must love the sinner though we abhor the sin.

The Roman Catholic Church has made reforms in the way accusations against priests are handled. Many deviant priests have been removed.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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