by Bill Nugent
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One of the best ways that an ordinary person can have a profound worldwide impact for the advancement of truth is to engage in debating unbelievers over the Internet. Not only do you reach the people with whom you directly debate but you also reach the far larger number of online spectators who follow the debate. Debates are commonly followed by hundreds of readers all over the world.

I’m a participant in an email debate group that debates creation versus evolution and is hosted by Yahoo groups. I checked over at to find debate groups but most of them seem to be message boards. I prefer email debates and I regard message boards as a bit cumbersome. The debate group in which I’m involved is called Creation_evolution_debate and is an open forum in which anyone can post a message by simply answering an email from the group. It is not closely moderated and there are many freewheeling discussions. To visit this group on the web just go to you will find a description of the group and learn how to subscribe.

You can search Yahoo groups to find other debate groups on other subjects such as UFOs or philosophy or any number of areas of discussion if you prefer those.

In my debating over the Internet I have chosen to focus on attacking evolution because I feel it is the very taproot of unbelief and the secularization of western civilization. Evolution is enshrined in the schools and billions of dollars of our tax money is spent on indoctrinating evolution into young minds.

I can assure you however, that the scientific evidence is clearly on our side. As science progresses it is ever more clear that random collisions of atoms could not possibly produce the first living cell. As the field of genetics progresses it is ever more apparent that the fabulously complex DNA molecule is not benefited by random mutations. Mutations are destructive errors and are no mechanism for uphill evolutionary change. Even famous ancient apelike skulls are being analyzed by CAT scans and are being shown to be either fully ape or fully human. There is no ape-man missing link. Human evolution is a farce.

The evolutionists are being beaten from pillar to post. It’s the facts of science that are beating them but it’s up to us to get the facts out there. The evolutionists don’t roll over and quit just because we wave a fact or two in their faces. They answer back with far fetched scientific sounding rebuttals often laced with condescension and insults.

As you prepare to write your first email in defense of creation you can easily get an abundance of information by going to or which are creationist websites. Both of these websites have search boxes where you can simply type in your question and immediately be given a screen with lists of articles written by Ph. D. scientists that contain scientific information that will answer your question.

Let’s say you read an email on the debate group that deals with genetic mutations and it’s by an evolutionist who claims that genetic mutations can cause new organs to form on animals. Just go to and type “genetic mutations” in the search box. Immediately a screen comes up listing titles and excerpts from articles proving that mutations virtually always cause degradation, deletion and scrambling of genetic information in the DNA. Mutations are no mechanism to put feathers on a lizard.

You simply click on each article and either read the article on line or click to a printer friendly version of the article and print it out. This gives you ammunition in the form of sound scientific statements from Ph. D. scientists who argue in support of creation. The articles are also interesting reading! You can get an education in a hurry and you don’t have to rely on vague memories of your high school biology class. A good website to visit for general training on Internet evangelism is

There is a strange phenomenon you encounter when you confront an evolutionist with clear scientific evidence that refutes evolution. This phenomenon is an irrational resistance to truth and a stubborn clinging to the discredited theory of evolution. It is the same kind of stubbornness that caused doctors to resist the scientific facts uncovered by Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister. Pasteur and Lister discovered that microbes caused infections. They recommended that surgeons make every effort to keep their hands and instruments disinfected. Most surgeons ignored them and clung to their old way of doing things. It was several generations before Pasteur and Lister’s common sense and scientifically accurate instructions were generally accepted. Thousands of patients died needlessly.

People learned evolution at an early impressionable age and when confronted with facts many years later they exhibit irrational and seemingly invincible ignorance. It may be invincible from man’s perspective but all things are possible with God!

Our victory is inevitable but God will have us prosecute the war on evolution with tenacity and vigor. We must never cease to confront them. We must continue to bombard them with facts. We must rub their noses in the facts.

I’m reminded of an incident that occurred in a major battle during the Napoleonic wars. When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 with his army of over half a million men there was a battle just west of Moscow. The Russians were being defeated and beginning to retreat. One Russian artillery regiment didn’t get the order to retreat and kept up its bombardment of the French troops. The brutal ceaseless cannonade eventually threw the French into confusion. It will take similar steadfastness on our part and similar diligence to keep presenting the scientific evidence for creation over and over again in order to persuade people that evolution is an impossibility.

We must keep up a ceaseless cannonade of sound scientific facts that will convince them eventually of the folly of evolution. Then they will stop teaching our children evolution and they will stop promoting evolution in National Geographic and Nova. Yes, we will turn this country around! Internet debates are one of the most efficient ways of getting the right facts to the right people.

“For I will bend Judah as My bow, I will fill the bow with Ephraim. And I will stir up your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece; And I will make you like a warriors sword”(Zechariah 9:13 NASB.)


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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