by Bill Nugent
Article #223

Gay marriage is one of the most controversial issues of our time and to ignore it is an act of political and ethical cowardice. Gay marriage is much more than just a redefinition of the whole concept of marriage – important as that is. Gay marriage is a watershed of unimaginable consequences.

To legalize gay marriage is to fully legitimize the homosexual lifestyle. It would be like what breaking the sound barrier was to jet aviation. It would be like what the moon landing was to space exploration. It would be the Roe versus Wade of the gay movement. To have gay marriage on the books would make it much more difficult to keep pro-gay materials out of the schools. Pro-gay propaganda would be unleashed on our children from school to scouting.

There is not a great deal of desire for marriage in the homosexual community. Gay couples tend to shun marriage despite the media hoopla. Statistics show that most homosexuals have many short term relationships with many partners. It is apparent that the current movement for legalization of gay marriage is part of a larger overall strategy to promote acceptance of the gay lifestyle. Six states in the United States and several European countries have legal gay marriage. This is tragic as it encourages people to remain in the homosexual lifestyle which would more accurately be called a deathstyle. In this article I will show you how homosexuality is hazardous to those who engage in it.

It’s not hatred that causes Christians to oppose the gay agenda. God loves all people including homosexuals and that is why God’s holy book, the Bible, forbids homosexual conduct. The dangers of homosexual conduct are far more than just the spread of AIDS. God gave us commandments to protect us from harm and to show us how to live happy and productive lives.

All laws are written to protect people. This is especially true with God’s laws. God’s commands against homosexuality protect us from the dangers inherent in homosexuality. Homosexuality is just one symptom of a larger issue called gender identity deficit. Gender identity is very basic to a person’s entire self concept and outlook on life. How does God protect us from gender identity deficit? The Bible’s laws on marriage and the Bible’s prohibition of adultery and fornication protect children from gender identity deficit. Stable marriages produce stable children.

The Bible’s commands on marriage keep the father in the home. If the father is emotionally or physically absent from the home the sons suffer father deficit. Absence of the father means the sons will long for their father. This father hunger, this desire for the male parent, can be eroticized by some boys.

A boy without a father (or who’s father is not emotionally close to him) tends to regard men as a mystery. The fact that men are a distant mystery to the boy means that sometimes the boy is tempted seek male bonding in inappropriate ways. There are other factors involved in the development of gender identity deficit but virtually all researchers reject the notion of a “gay gene.”

God’s commands against fornication and adultery prevent men from making babies and abandoning them. Men are commanded by God to marry before making babies. Christian fathers remain in the home to give proper role model guidance to their sons and thus prevent gender identity deficit.

In those cases where gender identity deficit has occurred, God’s commands against homosexual conduct encourage young men who eroticize their father hunger to repent and seek deliverance from the homosexual feelings.

Lesbianism is caused primarily by poor mother-daughter bonding. Since mothers tend to remain with the children more than fathers, lesbianism is less common than male homosexuality. The number of lesbians is about half that of male homosexuals.

When gender identity is confused in an individual there are a whole host of other psychopathological problems that emerge. Mental depression, alcohol addiction and suicide are much more of a problem among homosexuals than the general population. The social scientific literature, even that written by secular people, acknowledges this.

From 25 to 33% of homosexuals and lesbians are alcoholics. About 50% of suicides are homosexuals. Median age at death for male homosexuals is 42 and for lesbians, 45. Over 50% of the HIV/AIDS cases in the United States are homosexuals. (See article Everyone Should Know these Statistics on Homosexualsby Frank Joseph, M. D. available on the web and well footnoted.)

Now we come to the most inflammatory and plainly obvious issue of homosexuality linked dysfunction which is the link between homosexuality and pedophilia. Any evenhanded study of the relevant statistics will show that homosexuals are far more likely than the general population to sexually abuse children. Dr. Frank Joseph’s article says that over 33% of child molestations committed in the United States are by homosexuals. Since homosexuals make up less than 3% of the population it is apparent that homosexuals molest children at a much higher rate than do heterosexuals.

Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education cites statistics showing that male homosexuals are up to 40 times more likely to molest children than are heterosexual men. She adds that 17-24% of boys are molested by age 18 which is nearly as high a proportion as the 25% of girls that are molested. I hasten to point out that not all homosexuals, or even a majority of them, molest children.

In my own experience, in my boyhood, I was repeatedly approached by a homosexual who wanted sex. He was even so bold as to offer sex to me while we were on an elevator with other people present! I denied his advances and he never touched me. Years later as a college student, I had a homosexual roommate. He was not sexually aggressive towards me but he did frequently verbally promote the homosexual lifestyle.

There is a growing problem of homosexual recruitment. The Lesbian Avengers, A lesbian group with chapters in many American cities is not bashful about recruitment. They are known for shouting “Ten percent is not enough, recruit, recruit, recruit!” The t-shirts they wear when on parade are emblazoned with “We recruit.”

The male homosexual obsession with boys is thoroughly and tragically documented. The infamous North American Man and Boy Love Association and the websites that promote adult-child homosexual behavior are but a small part of an overall picture. Many homosexual males report being recruited into homosexuality when they were molested as boys and they themselves go on to molest boys years later. This is called theCircle of Abuse. Fatherless 12 year old boys who struggle with sexual identity are particularly vulnerable to abuse by adult homosexuals.

A Christian minister who moves in powerful prophetic ministry, Bobby Connor of Moravian Falls North Carolina, has delivered a stern warning about gay marriage. Brother Connor has said that God has shown him that the prophets must speak out against gay marriage.

Christian love compels us to help homosexuals and lesbians get free of their condition because their condition imperils them to short and pain filled lives. Christian led reparative therapy through groups such as Exodus International have set many people free.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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