by Bill Nugent
Article #83

We’ve all read stories like this in the newspapers. A man languishes in prison but he knows he’s innocent. Years ago at his trial the evidence was stacked up against him. The prosecutor made what seemed like an airtight case against him. There was motive, opportunity and his torn jacket was left at the scene of the murder. He had no alibi. There was other physical evidence: the attacker had bled from a small wound during the struggle. The crime took place before DNA analysis was developed as a crime solving tool. An innocent man was framed by circumstantial evidence.

Years later DNA analysis is done on the blood sample that came from the murderer and it proves that the man in prison for the crime is not the real culprit. He is then released from prison with great fanfare. Over 200 people have been released from prison in the United States in recent years by DNA evidence.

There is another form of DNA evidence that must grip our attention today. It is the irrefutable biochemical evidence that the DNA molecule of single-celled life is so complex as to not possibly have formed by random processes. Even the simplest bacteria that could possibly exist has at minimum 100,000 nucleotide rungs on the “ladder” of its DNA. DNA in this example is one molecule with at minimum 100,000 complex parts that has to be assembled in precise order for life even on this small scale to be possible.

Darwin and his colleagues didn’t have any idea of the immense complexity of single-celled organisms. Darwin didn’t know DNA existed much less its complexity. The great minds of science led the political philosophers and educators into the prison of atheistic evolution. They denied the existence of God and rejected God’s morals. Western civilization began its collapse which made the 20th century bloodier than all other centuries.

In recent years however, there has risen a new movement in science called Intelligent Design. Scientists such as Michael Behe, William Demski and Michael Denton have studied the evidence, including the DNA evidence and come to the inescapable conclusion that there are overwhelming evidences of design at all levels of physical existence.

Many, if not most, of the scientists in the Intelligent Design Movement did not start with religious presuppositions. It was their discoveries in science and probability analysis that caused them to conclude that an intelligent designer was behind it all.

Humanity is at last being set free from the prison of atheistic evolutionary materialism. The hyper-complexity of DNA is just one part of the evidence that sets us free from the soul imprisoning doctrine of evolution.

New respect is being shown to God. Communism, a political ideology ultimately based on atheistic evolution, has fallen in nation after nation. Those in academia who still cling to evolution have not looked at the facts in an objective way. They have made a decades long emotional commitment to the doctrines of materialism and have difficulty grappling with the facts in an unbiased rational way. Let us pray that they too will honestly face the most recent findings of science and begin to acknowledge the existence of God.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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