by Bill Nugent
Article #236

The major media largely ignored the fact that James Lee, the hostage taker who invaded the Discovery Channel’s Bethesda Maryland offices on September 1st 2010, had Darwinian evolutionist motives.

Since the prevailing culture in the media is secularism, perhaps they didn’t wish to defame Darwinism. Darwinism is the origins myth of secularism.

The blogosphere has plastered Lee’s list of demands with their Malthusian, Darwinian and anti-religion themes all over the internet. No need to enlarge on that here.

We are horrified by terrorism committed in the name of Islam. We read of cultists who twist the Christian faith. Yet all the acts of horror committed in the name of traditional religion are dwarfed by the horrors perpetrated by unhinged followers of Darwin.

Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung were both profoundly influenced by Darwin. It has been reported that whenever Maoists seized a part of China they first taught Darwinian evolution as the philosophical backdrop for the doctrines of communism. They had to first deceive the people into thinking that humans are soulless descendants of apes and then build communist anti-religious ideals on top.

Ideas have consequences and there are enormous consequences to society stemming from the embrace of Darwinism and the secular mindset that flows from it. Some argue that Darwinism is limited to biology but it is much more than that. Darwinism, since it tries to explain the origin of life apart from God, is the taproot of secularism. Darwinism reduces humanity to beastly origins and this gives momentum to beastly behavior.

The direct connection between Adolf Hitler and Darwinism is undeniable and clearly expressed in Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf. Hitler’s book developed the concept of Nazi Aryanism and made its case based on Darwinian principles. Darwin himself was ardently racist as is clear to anyone who has read his inflammatory work, The Descent of Man.

I certainly don’t regard all Darwinists as brutes. Most are decent ordinary people. The Darwinian worldview however, does lend itself to reductionism regarding the value of human life.

Darwinism acts as a substitute for religion and can be said to be a religion in its own right. Darwinism with its presupposition of atheistic materialism and its moral implications is itself a kind of religious worldview. Darwinists cloak their views under a robe of science but ultimately it is religio-science.

Darwinian evolution is science permeated by subjective assumptions and extrapolations. Modern experimental science must be objective and go strictly where the facts lead. Chemistry and physics are experimental sciences. Darwinism, which is a theory of natural history, is a soft science at best.

The Darwinian view of ape to human evolution is particularly absurd. The broad assumptions about alleged apeman ancestors are based on incomplete skeletons, skull fragments and much storytelling. I wrote in a previous DTF article about how CAT scans, which reveal the inner structures of fossil skulls, are showing these ancient skulls to be either fully ape or fully human. No ape/human “missing link” has ever been found.

As a religio-science, Darwinism is naturally in competition with all other religions, especially Christianity.

This brings us to the concept of Darwinian reductionism. Christianity exalts mankind to the pinnacle of creation. Darwin reduces people to mere atoms in motion. The Bible teaches that people have a conscious existence beyond death. Orthodox Darwinism reduces human existence to this life alone and claims that consciousness ends at death.

Christianity teaches that moral commands are given by God. Darwinism reduces morality by claiming that morals originated as mere herd survival instincts. Darwinism doesn’t allow for absolute morals. Absolute morals are morals that apply uniformly to all people in all cultures at all times in all of human history. Christian absolute morality says that murder is always wrong because human life is sacred and it is sacred because human beings are created in the image of God.

I have to reluctantly give credit to the Darwinian radicals for one thing. They are consistently logical in the application of their Darwinian worldview. They are consistent in their reductionist beliefs and that takes courage, albeit a misplaced courage. The Darwinian radicals listed above in this article were brilliant people despite their terroristic brutality. They took Darwinism to its logical conclusion. They believed humans were animals and they butchered them like animals.

This brings us to current Darwinian politics. Europe and the USA are dominated by secular culture and liberal, “progressive” politics. What are we “progressing” toward? Since Darwinism teaches that people are the mere products of nature, perhaps the secularists want us to progress to the full expression of unbridled human nature.

Progressive politics is the movement to cause humanity to progress to the legalization of all natural urges including the most vile. This has many unintended consequences affecting social order. Fornication and adultery, once strictly forbidden by law, are now permitted and produce offspring often abandoned by their fathers. Social scientists have long made the connection between fatherlessness and the propensity of children to engage in deviant and destructive behavior.

The mass murder of millions of the unborn through abortion is permitted by the liberal progressives despite the demographic consequences. The birth rate in the western Europe is now drastically below replacement levels.

Children have Darwinism drilled into them from the earliest grades in the state run schools. They are implicitly taught that they are animals with no souls, no conscious existence in the afterlife and therefore ultimately no future and no hope. This child abuse in the classroom is one of the worst forms of religio-science terrorism!

Many children end up thinking that if people are just animals why should we commit our lives to helping people? Why shouldn’t we just take the path of least resistance and do drugs all day to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of this life?

Darwinian reductionism ultimately reduces hope to despair. The French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus developed the philosophy of despair in the decades after World War II.

Christ has given us hope. Jesus of Nazareth came in fulfillment of over 300 predictive Old Testament prophecies. He worked miracles among the Jewish people of ancient Judea that served to prove that He is the promised Messiah who came to die for our sins.

We can turn from sin and turn to Christ to ask for forgiveness of sins. There is a conscious existence after death. We are accountable to God for our deeds done in this life. Through Christ we can stand before God forgiven and redeemed!


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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