by Bill Nugent
Article #128

Rocks from a lava flow in Hawaii, known to have formed a little over 200 years ago in 1800-1801 were nonetheless dated by a variety of radiometric methods and given 12 possible ages ranging from 140 million to 2.96 billion years!!! (See Funkhouser and Naughton, “Radiogenic Helium and Argon in Ultramafic Inclusions from Hawaii” Journal of Geophysical Res. Vol. 73, #14, 7/68 pp. 3601-4607.)

The secular paleontologist’s reliance on radiometric dating such as potassium/argon gives such a wide range of  possible ages as to be of little scientific value. Potassium/argon radiometric dating is flawed from the start because the researchers must presume to know the original potassium to argon ratio that existed when the rock was formed which is of course impossible for them to know. Old earth geology is based on speculation. Also consider the fact that old earth geologists have no explanation for the many human artifacts found in coal seams and fossil beds. (I discuss some of these in Defending the Faith #56.)

It is a tragedy in our society that the museums of natural history that are tax supported give a distorted view of natural history that regards the earth as being billions of years old and views life as coming about by random collisions of atoms.

As microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, probability analysis, paleontology, and geology progress; more and more evidence is discovered revealing both the impossibility of evolution and a young age of planet earth. As a result of this, many secular oriented people are abandoning atheistic evolution and are turning to God. It is not enough, however, to simply sit back and rejoice in the fact that people are turning to God. This is because many people who try to turn to God turn to cults, occultic spirituality and other erroneous teachings that distort the truth about God.

An organization called Answers In Genesis based in Hebron, Kentucky, USA does a lot more than just show evidence that there is a creator. This organization shows that the evidence for creation and young earth offers proof that the Bible is accurate in its description of the early earth and therefore the intelligent designer of life is none other than the God of the Bible!

The first book of the Bible is the book of Genesis in which is contained the account of the creation and also a history of the cataclysms that shaped the topography of the early earth. Answers In Genesis marshals the scientific evidence that proves that the book of Genesis contains a sober, accurate natural history that does not have to be allegorized in order to line up with scientific facts.

Answers In Genesis maintains a very large informative website The website offers a wide range of books containing a gold mine of evidence for creation written by Ph.D. scientists both Christian and nonchristian. The website has a search box in which you can type in any question and immediately be given scores of archived articles answering your question with incisive scientific evidence. The articles can be printed out or emailed to others. Answers In Genesis is also building a 95,000 square foot creation museum near Cincinnati Ohio, USA.

Another effective creationist organization is The Institute for Creation Research which maintains the website

A right understanding of both science and natural history confirms the Bible’s accuracy. This taken together with all of the other evidence that confirms the Bible’s accuracy such as the many Bible prophecies and their fulfillments, the findings of archaeology, historical confirmation of Bible events and manuscript evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc., can be used in any evangelistic presentation or sermon.

Now is the time to use the many evidences that prove that life is not an accident in a meaningless cosmos. We must use this evidence to turn people to the God of the Bible so that they will receive the redemption granted through Christ who died for our sins.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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