by Bill Nugent
Article #21

Darwinian evolution, wherever it has been taught, has had the effect of implicitly denying the existence of God. Whether intentional or not, this denial of God has undermined faith and promoted secularism. In this article let’s examine one of the fruits of secularism, namely militant communism.  

Communism is nothing new. Plato wrote of an idealized communist society in his work entitled Republic. In the 1500s, Thomas More wrote a book called Utopia about a mythical communist society.

Communist ideas were never seriously implemented until the 1800s when the rise of secularism (atheism) blunted many people’s hopes for redemption by God. This resulted in a huge movement led by intellectuals and their students to create man’s own redemption on earth. This secular redemption on earth would be a perfect classless society in which all property is held in common. I will mention again that the gasoline on the fire of secularism was and is Darwinian evolution.

Communist ideology maintains that individual people are nothing more than atoms in motion and have no value. Communism also asserts that the society which is composed of many people is greater than the sum of its parts. Valueless people clumped together form a society that somehow has value. The civil government over the society takes the place of God. When communists took over Russia and China they discovered to their amazement that people resisted having their property confiscated to form collective factories and farms. Then the killing began. Communists had no aversion to killing people whom they regarded as mere atoms in motion or more precisely as intelligent animals evolved from apes.

Lenin’s purges of the early 20s and Stalin’s purges of the 30s killed millions. Chinese communists killed millions in the early 50s. Many were killed or persecuted in China during the Cultural Revolution from 1966-76. The killing fields of Cambodia claimed more lives in four years of peace in the 70s than were killed in 15 years of Vietnam war! The Black Book of Communism, written by two French socialists, puts the total number of communist murders at between 70 million to 100 million.

The churches were closed and Christians were slaughtered or worked to death in slave camps. The churches had taught the concept of human dignity, the sanctity of human life and “Thou shalt not steal” (property rights).

Ideas have consequences. The idea that life came into being without a creator has had catastrophic consequences. I acknowledge that some civil governments that claim to believe in God have done bad things. Governments that don’t believe in God have done far worse.

The Bible is scientifically accurate! Find the evidence


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