by Bill Nugent
Article #253

A TV show about UFOs opens with a dramatic animation of an alleged UFO crash into a windmill on a farm in Aurora Texas way back in April, 1897. The crash is called “Texas’s Roswell” and the show presents sober faced experts who buy into it being the crash of a spaceship from another planet. In this article, we’ll discuss this Texas crash hoax and we’ll take a look at other UFO phenomena. The Bible predicts that in the end-times, just before the second coming of Christ, there will be many deceptions and much activity in the paranormal.

There is, as you know, a huge movement of people who study, investigate and “hunt” UFOs. Implicit in this interest in UFOs is the assumption that UFOs somehow hold the key to the solution of humankind’s problems. Some of the most zealous UFO hunters believe that UFOs can bring world peace or bring the long sought utopia that communism failed to produce. Other UFO enthusiasts admit that something sinister is going on.

The History Channel, with its “Ancient Aliens”, “UFO Hunters” and “UFO Files” TV shows, strongly promotes the UFO, extraterrestrial hypothesis. To be fair, they do occasionally present some dissenting experts who dismiss or minimize the extraterrestrial view. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is the claim that UFOs are metal spaceships from other planets. Theinterdimensional hypothesis is very different in that it claims that UFOs are spirit beings who come from another dimension and are not physical beings of our material world. Virtually all Christian researchers consider UFOs to be interdimensional and to be manifestations of demons.

The Bible calls interdimensional beings “spirits,” “angels” or “demons.” The Bible gives many examples of good and evil spirits affecting the physical world even though spirits are not physical beings and are usually invisible. A good example of this is in Acts 12:7-10 in which an angel appeared to Peter and “a light shined in the prison” and Peter’s chains “fell off.” The passage goes on to say that when Peter approached the prison gate, it opened by itself which means it was opened by an invisible angel. There are many other examples in the Bible of spirits affecting the material world such as Isaiah 37:36 in which a spirit being killed a large number of enemy soldiers.

UFOs often manifest as lights in the sky and they affect the physical world by causing animal mutilations and crop circles. The History Channel, “UFO Hunters” TV show did one entire, hour long episode on animal mutilations. It showed cattle that had been mutilated with body parts cut off with surgical precision. The show pointed out that there have been literally thousands of instances of animal mutilations all over the world. Demon spirits can cut animal flesh.

Cattle and other domesticated animals have had sex organs removed, the tongue removed, blood drained, “rectal coring,” the heart removed, etc. In these cases, no blood is seen on the ground and there are no tracks of man or animal leading up to the carcasses. In some cases, people nearby had seen lights in the sky in the areas where mutilated carcasses were later found.

Animal mutilations were so common in the western US in the 1970s that two senators wrote to the FBI to get their assistance in solving these bizarre occurrences. Ranchers were losing big money and were arming themselves to defend their herds and families.

No human being has ever been seen doing animal mutilations or been arrested for this. No satanic cult has ever claimed responsibility for animal mutilations of this type. The History Channel TV shows did an excellent job of documenting the animal mutilation problem but they persisted in implicitly backing the claim that extraterrestrial metal spaceships rather than demons are involved.

Crop circles, which were common in England decades ago but have frequently occurred in many other countries, also destroy farmers’ property. Two elderly men stepped forward in England and claimed responsibility but the men were deemed incapable of producing the extremely complex symmetrical patterns in the fields. Crop circles occur in many countries besides England and no naturalistic explanation is generally accepted.

Why would demons mutilate animals and destroy crops? Firstly, I don’t think demons are very rational. Secondly, I think that demons hate flesh. Christ overcame demons in the flesh. That is to say that when Christ came as a man of flesh and suffered and died on the cross, he took the penalty of our sins upon Himself and thus redeemed all people. Demons hate people and it can be inferred that demons hate all flesh of this physical world. It’s not surprising that demons would attack animals. Such acts impoverish and terrorize farmers. To me, there is no mystery about animal mutilations and crop circles, they are demonic.

Now regarding the alleged UFO crashes. The History Channel TV shows go to great lengths to show example after example of alleged UFO crashes and government cover ups. At least two of the shows discuss the Aurora Texas UFO crash which allegedly occurred on April 18, 1897. This alleged crash is so discredited by secular researchers, it’s hard to imagine why the History Channel UFO team would even consider it. The Aurora incident claims that a UFO hit a windmill and crashed on a ranch near Aurora, Texas.

I don’t believe that the evidence validates the claim that a metal spaceship was involved but if one was, you’d have to assume that an interstellar spaceship would have technology far beyond our own. Can you imagine a spaceship capable of interstellar travel, composed of hyper-sophisticated nano-tech materials, using cold fusion or antigravity as a source of power hitting a lowly windmill and breaking up!? Then there was no attempt by other spaceships to recover the lost spacecraft and the body of the dead pilot in Aurora, Texas!

The UFO TV shows claim that many alleged UFO crashes occurred in the former Soviet Union. One segment presents the far-fetched claim that a MIG fighter jet, in 1948, shot down a UFO by somehow “removing the anti-gravity envelope” from the UFO. They interviewed people in Russia who claim that UFO crashes occurred there. Again, no mention of any attempt by the aliens to recover their lost craft.

The UFO shows play up the widely discredited Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947. They interview people who make the outlandish claim that the Roswell UFO vehicle and many other alleged UFO crashed vehicles and alien bodies were transported to an underground facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton Ohio. They interviewed people who claim that the US is reverse engineering UFO technology.

They interviewed retired Lt. Col. Philip Corso and discussed his claim that Kevlar, Night vision goggles, lasers and other high tech products were reverse engineered from the Roswell crashed vehicle. To their credit, the UFO TV show went on to interview several high tech experts who refuted Corso point by point. Thank God there’s a limit to the History Channel’s gullibility!

The whole “UFO crash” belief system seems to be a bizarre theory without hard evidence. No crumpled flying saucer has been brought out. It’s like the claim that George Bush arranged for the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. It’s absurd.

If spaceships came from distant planets they wouldn’t crash with any frequency. They would be composed of nano-tech steel that is built atom by atom to have far more strength than our modern steel. Such steel would not break up or if it did, it would only do so at such high speed as to obliterate all bodies inside. The bodies from at least one of the alleged crashes were claimed to have “burned” as if the craft had jet fuel and was powered by combustion!

The UFO shows contain a parade of deceptions and the shows are highly biased to the extraterrestrial, metal spaceship view. I’m convinced that the evidence presented on the shows can be explained either as hoaxes by deluded people or by the actions of interdimensional spirit beings which the Bible calls devils or demons. The UFO crashes appear to be hoaxes and the mutilations and crop circles appear to be demonic activity or what could be called demonic miracles.

Now regarding alleged UFO abductions, I believe these “abductions” are demonic visions imparted to people. People are given visions of being taken aboard a spacecraft when no such spacecraft exists in the physical world. The Bible gives at least one example of a spirit giving a vision. An example of such a vision is in Luke 4:5. In this verse, which is during the temptation of Christ, it says that the devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. We can infer that this was by some type of vision.

The bottom line is that we have to be aware of the new UFO religion and the paranormal, demonic miracles associated with it. Let’s be prepared to defend our young people from being led astray by this end time deception.

The end time battle for the souls of people will be a war of miracles. The Bible, in Revelation 13:13-14, contains a predictive prophecy showing how the coming antichrist will be accredited by apparent miracles: “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast.”

In my DTF article #213 titled “The Religion With the Best Miracles Wins” and other DTF articles, I show that the biblical Christian faith has the greatest miracles of any of the world’s religions. Christianity has more healings, better healings, more predictive prophecies fulfilled, better predictive prophecies fulfilled than any other faith. The Christian miracles of healing that occur in every generation since Christ’s coming, serve to prove the truth of the fact that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel and He shall come again to rule and reign on the earth.

Jesus came in fulfillment of over 300 predictive prophecies that were written in the Old Testament hundreds of years before His birth. Jesus convinced His followers by “many infallible proofs”(Acts 1:3). When Jesus suffered and died on the cross He took the penalty of our sins upon Himself, thus making atonement. Turn to Christ today to receive forgiveness of sins.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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