by Bill Nugent
Article #63

Atheistic materialism does little for the mind and nothing for the soul. The Soviet Union was based on atheistic materialism and collapsed because it had nothing for the human spirit. Materialistic evolution is a dying faith. Followers of the evolutionary paradigm have no hope for the afterlife. The scientific foundations of materialistic evolution are suffering relentless assault from recent findings of the immense complexity of single-celled life that prove such life could not have formed by accident.

Many who were raised in nonreligious homes and received materialistic evolution based educations are coming to admit that there must be an intelligent designer of the universe after all. I would be happy to report that these people are turning to Christ but many are not. Many are turning to eastern mysticism and New Age spirituality.

New Age spirituality can be defined as Hinduism modified by western culture. When Hinduism travels to the West it becomes “westernized.” This westernized Hinduism is called “New Age” because its European and American followers believe that a new age or era in history is about to dawn.

The New Age faith is in many ways the polar opposite of Christianity. Instead of regarding God as a person, followers of the New Age regard God as an impersonal force diffused throughout nature. Instead of laws and morals there are virtually no taboos and everyone does what is right in his own eyes. Instead of a resurrection of the body there is reincarnation over and over again. Instead of the second coming of Christ they expect the coming of lord Maitreya whom Christians regard as an antichrist figure or perhaps even the antichrist himself. Instead of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, New Age adherents practice occultism such as sorcery that is specifically forbidden in the Bible.

I will point out that New Age groups vary widely both in doctrine and practice. The above mentioned doctrinal positions are broad generalizations.

UFO “abductions” virtually always involve occult practitioners. Many New Age adherents are deeply involved in alleged UFO phenomena and claim to receive messages from aliens and “ascended masters.” The Christian view of UFOs is that they are not from civilizations on other planets but are demonic manifestations. UFOs don’t come from another planet but do come from another dimension — the realm of spirit, more specifically – demon spirits. There are several recent books penned by conservative Christians that explain the demonic roots of UFO phenomena.

The New Age movement is not just a small group of eccentrics dabbling in the occult but is a broad based movement with many adherents in high places in society. It has real spiritual power but this power is not from God. This power is from the demonic realm.

The Bible prophesies of a time when there will be a great falling away from the faith (2 Thess. 2:3) and the antichrist will arise (Revelation 13:1-18). Western civilization has fallen away from the Christian faith into both materialism (evolution) and more recently demonic New Age spirituality. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled in our time We are truly living in the last days!!


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