by Bill Nugent
Article #66

Since a panel of judges on the West coast decided that the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional because it contains the phrase“One nation under God” a teacher may decide to abandon the pledge and simply read the U. S. constitution to his or her class every day instead. Such a teacher would be surprised however when he or she gets to article VII of the constitution which contains the phrase “in the year of our Lord 1787.” Which Lordwas born 1787 years before the constitution was written? The constitution itself contains not just a passing reference to God but a specific reference to the Lord Jesus Christ!

The fact that the constitution itself refers to Christ shows the foolishness of the radical judges who seek to remove all references to God from public life. The first amendment to the constitution does not command a separation of Christianity and state but simply bans the government from establishing one Christian denomination as the official denomination. The word “religion” in the first amendment was the 18th century equivalent of our word “denomination.”

The reason why we have activist judges that give bizarre rulings is because of postmodernism. The judges are the products of our postmodernist education system. There are three major worldviews: the Judeo-Christian, the Modern and thePostmodern. Each worldview has a different source of truth.

The Judeo-Christian worldview maintains that truth was given to humanity by revelation from God and is contained in the Bible and includes the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ.

The Modern worldview maintains that truth is discovered by human reason. Modern “reason” is often pretty unreasonable. It was modernism that gave us communist “utopia” as a replacement for the Bible’s teachings on private property. Modernism also repealed the laws against adultery and fornication and gave us “free sex” which is destroying our family culture and is causing an epidemic of venereal disease.

Postmodernism is even more radical than modernism. ThePostmodern view of truth is that truth is not given by God or discovered by rational thought but truth is created by the human will and emotions. Truth is what a judge or dictator (what’s the difference?) wants it to be.

A judge can sit on a bench and read his or her opinion into the constitution and legislate his or her political will over the American people! Postmodernists claim that the constitution is a “living” document which means that its meaning changes with the times. What then is the real current meaning of the constitution? It depends on what the judges had for breakfast this morning or whether or not they had their coffee!

I read an editorial in the New Republic (a left of center magazine) that applauds the recent liberal opinions but trembled at the arbitrariness and postmodern unreason of those opinions. Even the left can see tyranny in the making.

We as Americans (non-Americans reading this please excuse me) must return to God’s laws and God’s definition of truth. We must return to sound property rights (“Thou shalt not steal”), and right to life (“Thou shalt not murder”) and a sound foundation for marriage and family (“Thou shalt not commit adultery”). And we must insist on judges who submit to the plain meaning of the words of the constitution!


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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