by Bill Nugent
Article #134

“Don’t impose your beliefs on me!” This is the cry of those who object to any discussion of God’s standards of right and wrong. Of course it should be obvious that any private conversation or privately funded broadcast or publication is not an “imposition.” The real imposition of viewpoints that goes on in today’s society is the situation in which children are compelled by truancy laws to attend public schools and become a captive audience to be taught atheistic evolution at taxpayer expense.

A public school teacher typically does not come out and say “God does not exist.” However, the state mandated teaching of life origins through evolution without mention of God certainly leaves a very firm impression of atheism. Children are taught that their ancestors were apelike creatures with no souls. They are taught that human beings are just another species of mammals. It should be no of surprise that when children are taught that they are animals without any accountability to God’s law that they will act like animals.

Many concerned parents (whose hard earned tax money pays for the schools!) have lobbied to have scientific objections to evolution be taught alongside evolution. Even when specifically limiting their request to the teaching of scientific objections to evolution and not daring to request teaching of creationism, even then the parents encounter the fierce opposition of closed minded people.

These parents wish to have the recent findings of science that impact the theory of evolution taught in addition to the findings of Charles Darwin and his followers. It makes sense under our standard of academic freedom to point out that recent findings in microbiology reveal that single celled organisms are far more complex than Darwin or even scientists 50 years after Darwin could have imagined.

Darwin imagined that the first living cells could have evolved from dissolved minerals in a “warm little pond.” Microbiologists now know that a “simple” one celled organism such as a bacteria is composed of over 200 distinct varieties of protein. Each type of protein is a complex molecule composed of over 400 amino acids that have to be arranged in precise order. Once all these proteins assemble by random processes — a statistically impossible feat — they then have to be randomly assembled into a cell wall, mitochondria and nucleus. The extremely complex molecule, DNA, has to be assembled by random collisions of atoms and be transported to the cell nucleus and implanted within it — by chance!

Nobel prize winning microbiologist Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA, and many other scientists have done extensive probability analyses of the possibility of random assembly of the number of proteins necessary for life and found it so remote as to be impossible even if the whole universe were a warm little pond. It takes great faith to believe that life could have formed without a designer!

Another claim of evolution is that accumulated beneficial genetic mutations gradually change one species into another. The science of genetics has consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of genetic mutations are harmful or neutral. Dr. Lee Spetner plainly states that genetic mutations delete information or scramble preexisting information in the DNA and never result in the addition of new information to the DNA that could form new body parts. Hence evolution has no mechanism for uphill change to form more complex life forms.

Why can’t these objections and others be presented to students so that the students can make up their own minds as to what to believe? Why must evolution with its implicit atheism and nihilism be presented unchallenged at taxpayer expense? Could it be that the educators themselves have made such prior commitments to ordering their own lives around atheistic evolution that they are afraid to see it challenged? It’s time that people stand up for the children and demand that the most recent findings of science regarding evolution be taught in schools. It’s time to end taxpayer funded imposition of atheism!


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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