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“Ye have heard that antichrist shall come” I John 2:18

Article #374 by Bill Nugent   We must be prepared to defend ourselves. We are on the verge of a time of global pers...


The Prophetically Predicted Global Government and How Some People Will Escape It

Article #372 by Bill Nugent   The United States and several NATO allies are now at war with Russia. American troops...


Climate Change Science and Politics

Article #358 by Bill Nugent   The climate of planet earth has changed many times over the centuries. In the Roman ...


The New Fascists, Their Many Disguises and Their Threat to Civilization

Article #346 by Bill Nugent   Line up any ten people and ask them to define communism and they’ll all get i...


George Hegel and Karl Marx: Prophets of Socialism

Article #343 by Bill Nugent   Socialism is making a comeback. It’s not just young people excited about Bernie...


The Miracle of 1787 Shows the Wisdom of Biblical Anthropology

Article #283 by Bill Nugent Have you ever wondered why the great leaps of political freedom, human rights and equalit...