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Sargent Joe Friday Said “Just the Facts Ma’am” So Let’s Look at Some Facts About Evolution

Article #333 by Bill Nugent   Most of us remember the hard edged, square jawed, Sargent Joe Friday of the TV series...


Haldane’s Dilemma in Population Genetics Proves Impossibility of Ape to Human Evolution

Article # 328 by Bill Nugent This is essentially a revision of an article about Haldane’s Dilemma which I sent out...


DNA Mutation Rate Disproves Darwinian Evolution

Article #302 by Bill Nugent The recent mapping of the human genome (DNA) has been revolutionizing science and has immens...


Accidental Engineering: the Central Claim of Darwinism

Article #297 by Bill Nugent For over thirty years I worked as a carpenter in the residential construction and remodeling...