Pagan Altar and Symbols in Europe Point to the Rise of the Antichrist



by Bill Nugent
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“Ye have heard that antichrist shall come . . .” (I John 2:18.) There are several prophecies in the New Testament that predict that in the end times just before the second coming of Christ there shall be a falling away from the Christian faith and the rise of a great dictatorial political figure known as the antichrist.

These prophecies are contained in such passages as First Timothy 4:1-2 which refers to the falling away from the faith on the part of some who give heed to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.

Another passage, Second Timothy 3:1-7, predicts that in the last days difficult times will come because among other things, people will be lovers of self. This could prophetically refer to existentialism which is the philosophy that gave rise to the modern secular concept of the self as the supreme autonomous entity.

Yet another passage, Second Timothy 4:3-4, predicts a time when people will not endure sound doctrine but will turn aside from the truth. This could refer to liberal theology which rejects any concept of the wrath of God and accountability for sin. Unitarian Universalism with its denial of the deity of Christ and its doctrine of universal salvation for all mankind without hell could also be a fulfillment of this prophecy.

The modern and postmodern exaltation of the autonomous self has caused the family breakdown, substance abuse and crime ridden chaos of the postmodern world. The world today is a disordered collision of selves. Some semblance of order is maintained in prosperous economic times but in a financial downturn a demagogue can rise.

The Rise of the Antichrist

Revelation 13:1-10 describes the rise of the antichrist who will function as an oppressive dictator over Europe. Why Europe? Europe is traditionally referred to as Christendom and the falling away from the faith into liberal theology and philosophical existentialism has occurred there. Many Bible scholars have postulated that the nations of the European Union will be the political entity that will be ruled by the antichrist.

The European Parliament Building in Strasbourg, France is a round building that was designed to look like an unfinished tower of Babel. The design was based on the 1563 painting by Pieter Bruegel titled “The Tower of Babel.” The building was completed in December of 2000. We all know of the biblical significance of the Tower of Babel as a defiance against God’s authority. Mere symbolism? I think not, especially after I show you the many other symbols that are prominent in the European Union.

A second symbol is in Brussels, Belgium at the Council of Europe Building. It is the sculpture of a woman riding a bull. While this symbol vaguely resembles the biblical imagery of the woman, Mystery Babylon, riding a beast in Revelation 17:3 it has a more overt pagan connotation. The sculpture of a woman riding a bull has to do with the ancient Greek myth of the Rape of Europa in which the Greek god Zeus turns himself into a bull and seduces the woman Europa whom he finds on a Phoenician beach in the eastern Mediterranean.

The symbol of a woman riding a bull has been a popular motif in Europe for decades. The symbol has appeared on paper currency and coins issued by various European governments for years. The symbol of the rape of Europe by a pagan deity is a very evil omen.

The Pergamum Museum in Berlin

More bizarre still are two major exhibits at the Pergamum Museum in Berlin Germany. These two exhibits in the huge museum are the Pergamum Altar originally found in Turkey and the Ishtar Gate together with its elaborate processional street originally found in Babylon in Iraq. These exhibits are not mere reproductions but are the actual ancient structures that were dismantled stone by stone and reassembled in Berlin.

Mere symbolism? What’s the big deal about a museum exhibit? The importance of these two exhibits will become apparent when I explain some coincidences that occurred when these exhibits were set up.

Babylon was excavated from 1899 to 1913. The reassembly of theIshtar gatebegan in Berlin in 1913. It was followed by the chaos of World War One. The reassembly of the Ishtar gate was completed in 1930, the same year the Nazi party received enough votes in the elections to be a political power.

Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg

The head of the Nazi party, Adolf Hitler, who became Chancellor of Germany after the elections of January 1933 was so impressed by that other exhibit at the Pergamum Museum, specifically the  Pergamum Altar that he had a reproduction of it made into the infamous Zeppelin Tribune at Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg in the south of Germany. This infamous platform and grounds where Hitler addressed his followers in fanatical oratory often appears in documentary film footage.

The Pergamum grand altar is believed to have been a center for emperor worship in the days of the early church. Christians were forced to give homage to the emperor and implicitly deny Christ as divine ruler. It is believed that those who refused were sacrificed on the altar. This hideous and cruel practice no doubt provided a point of contact and legal basis for the presence of Satan and his demons. Demons were welcomed to the altar by the blood sacrifices.

Demons tend to remain at a place where they are honored. This is why the Bible teaches us to destroy any occult books or occult objects we may have in our possession (Deut. 7:25-26; Judges 6:25; Acts 19:19.)

The Ishtar gate and processional with its hundreds of pagan symbols was also a place of rebellion against God and also provided a point of contact for the demonic world.

The Removal to Moscow and the Return to Berlin

After the Second World War the Pergamum altar was disassembled and taken to Leningrad but was returned to Berlin in 1959. In 1999 the Reichstag Building in Berlin was officially reopened and the seat of the German government was moved from Bonn to Berlin.

The stage is being set philosophically, culturally, politically and symbolically for the rise of a new dictator, the antichrist of Revelation 13.

Much more detail and excellent videography is presented in evangelist David Hathaway’s DVD titled The Rape of Europe  which provided much of the source material for this article.


Steps to salvation:

Jesus said “Ye must be born again” (John 3:7).

  • 1) Believe that God created you and loves you and sent the Messiah (Messiah is Hebrew for Christ) to redeem you.
  • 2) Believe that Jesus Christ came in fulfillment of over 300 Bible prophecies to die for you, to take upon Himself the penalty of your sins (Isaiah 53:5-6, John 6:29, Romans 4:5, First Peter 3:18).
  • 3) Turn from sin and call on the name of Jesus to receive forgiveness of sins (Romans 10:13).
  • 4) Receive Jesus as Savior and experience the new birth (John 1:12, Acts 2:38).
  • 5) Follow Jesus Christ as Lord (John 14:21).

Prayer to receive salvation:

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

To receive the salvation that Jesus purchased for us at the terrible cost of His suffering and death on our behalf I invite you to pray this simple prayer:

“Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for sending Jesus, the promised Messiah, to die for my sins. I admit that I am a sinner. I repent of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness on the basis of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit to empower me to serve you under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer in the humble sincerity of your heart then you have received everlasting life, which includes power to live right in this life and entrance into heaven in the afterlife!

(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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