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Jimi Hendrix was the ultimate sixties counterculture rock star. His life story is like a thumbnail sketch of those tumultuous years. He was born in the Pacific northwest of the US yet came to fame in the heart of London. He was an army veteran and held some conservative views yet his songs and style made him an icon of anti-establishment youth. His youth was in extreme poverty yet he ended up in fame and fortune at the top of his craft. He was black, yet his music style was similar to the white rockers of the time. He had almost no exposure to church as a youth yet showed great interest in the larger questions of life but unfortunately sought UFO inspired answers. Jimi was one of my favorite artists in my early years when I was lost.

He was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942 in Seattle Washington. His father, Johnny “Al” Hendrix, upon his return from army service in World War II, changed Jimi’s name to James Marshall Hendrix. Both of Jimi’s parents were involved in substance abuse and this made his early years a horror story of instability. He was often separated from his parents to live with relatives or foster parents. Jimi was very close to his younger brother, Leon (born 1949) but they were often separated as Leon was also bounced from home to home in the foster care system. Jimi and Leon also had three younger siblings. Their mother died in 1958 at age 33.

Jimi was a quiet, introverted child who showed intense interest in guitar, even strumming a broom at times. He graduated to a beat up ukulele and later his father bought him a five dollar used acoustic guitar. He joined the army in 1961 and trained as a paratrooper, earning the Screaming Eagles patch. He was honorably discharged a little over a year after he joined.

After the army, Jimi worked as a session guitarist and worked with Ike and Tina Turner and Little Richard, among others. Then came a meeting that was to totally change his life and career direction. He met Chas Chandler of the rock group “Animals” who caught Jimi’s act at a Greenwich Village venue. Chandler wanted to manage and direct rising talent. He brought Jimi to London and signed him. Jimi formed the group, Jimi Hendrix Experience, with drummer Mitch Mitchell and bassist Noel Redding. Chandler was also responsible for the “Jimi” spelling of Hendrix’s name. (Wikipedia)

The new trio launched Jimi to stardom in London as his songs, Hey Joe, Foxey Lady, Are You Experienced? and others rose up the charts. The group’s first album, Are You Experienced? sold by the truckload. He returned to the US in triumph in June of 1967 and became one of the highest grossing touring acts of all time. He went on to play at Woodstock in 1969. The Jimi Hendrix Experience broke up that year. Jimi opened his own studio in New York City in 1969 and he re-formed the Experience with Billy Cox on bass in 1970.

Like many sensitive, pondering artists, Jimi was concerned about ultimate destiny. Many if not most of the rock bands of the era dabbled in the occult. According to his brother Leon’s book: Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story, Jimmy had an interest in UFOs and aliens from and early age. Leon also claims that many of Jimi’s song lyrics cryptically refer to alien themes.

Let me briefly explain where UFOs come from. UFO researchers are divided into two different viewpoints in explaining UFOs. These viewpoints are the extraterrestrial hypothesis and the interdimensional hypothesis. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is the claim that UFOs are metal spaceships with astronauts from planets in star systems within our own physical universe. The interdimensional view is that UFOs are nonphysical entities or spirits that travel from different dimensions and enter our universe from a parallel universe.

The interdimensional hypothesis is more consistent with the Bible and the Christian worldview because it can be inferred that the other dimensions from which UFOs travel are the same as the realm of spirit. The Bible certainly teaches about the spirit world.

Christian researchers and some secular researchers reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis and maintain the interdimensional view. Famous UFO researcher, Jacques Vallee, holds the interdimensional view. In studying UFOs, I’ve come to believe that we’re dealing with intelligent life not from another planet but from another dimension. It’s not astronauts from outer space but spirit beings from the realm of spirit. Malevolent UFO aliens are demons disguised as astronauts.

I regard demonic UFOs as generally of the same category as poltergeists, hauntings, occultism and other manifestations of the demonic realm. I hold this view because the teachings that are transmitted from aliens to leaders of UFO cults are antibiblical and often lead to bizarre behavior such as the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide. Also, the horrific animal mutilations attributed to UFOs in which animals have their blood drained and have organs removed with surgical precision is further evidence of the demonic origin of UFOs.

Have no fear of demons appearing as flying saucers or appearing as extraterrestrial humanoid beings. Don’t be deceived by cult groups claiming New Age, extraterrestrial connections and phenomena. The Bible teaches us that Christ is above all and every knee must bow before Christ who conquered sin through His death and resurrection.

Curtis Knight, in his book, Jimi Hendrix: Starchild, claims that UFOs appeared during some of Jimi’s concerts. He also relates some bizarre statements from Jimi, such as when Jimi said that he believed he was from Mars. In another instance, Jimi said that there are people on other planets in the solar system and that the solar system will go through some kind of a major change in about thirty years. Unfortunately, Jimi wasn’t around thirty years later to see the falsity of that claim.

Jimi was back in London in late summer 1970. On September 18, 1970, his girlfriend found him unconscious and unresponsive and called for an ambulance. He was pronounced dead hours later. The cause was barbiturate overdose and aspiration of vomit. Jimi enjoyed just four years of fame after a youth fraught with struggle. He joined Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison as rock stars who died at age 27.

Every life has a message. What can we learn from the life of Jimi Hendrix? Aside from the obvious lesson that drugs and alcohol kill, we can see from Jimi’s life that UFOs and aliens are the principle avenue of deception in our modern, technical age. We must be on guard against UFO deception.

There is a spirit world and God is king over it. In order to approach God we must first deal with sin. God has provided the way of redemption. Jesus of Nazareth came in fulfillment of over 300 prophecies written in the Old Testament hundreds of years before His birth. No other figure in all of world history can make this claim. The prophecies, such as the major prophecy in Isaiah 53, foretold that Christ would suffer and die taking upon Himself the penalty we deserved for our sins. Christ bore our sins in his suffering and death. He rose from the dead to bring forgiveness to all who call upon Him. Call upon the name of Jesus Christ today to receive forgiveness of sins!


Steps to salvation:

Jesus said “Ye must be born again” (John 3:7).

  • 1) Believe that God created you and loves you and sent the Messiah (Messiah is Hebrew for Christ) to redeem you.
  • 2) Believe that Jesus Christ came in fulfillment of over 300 Bible prophecies to die for you, to take upon Himself the penalty of your sins (Isaiah 53:5-6, John 6:29, Romans 4:5, First Peter 3:18).
  • 3) Turn from sin and call on the name of Jesus to receive forgiveness of sins (Romans 10:13).
  • 4) Receive Jesus as Savior and experience the new birth (John 1:12, Acts 2:38).
  • 5) Follow Jesus Christ as Lord (John 14:21).

Prayer to receive salvation:

“Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (Romans 10:13).

To receive the salvation that Jesus purchased for us at the terrible cost of His suffering and death on our behalf I invite you to pray this simple prayer:

“Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for sending Jesus, the promised Messiah, to die for my sins. I admit that I am a sinner. I repent of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness on the basis of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I ask you to fill me with your Holy Spirit to empower me to serve you under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

If you prayed this prayer in the humble sincerity of your heart then you have received everlasting life, which includes power to live right in this life and entrance into heaven in the afterlife!

(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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