by Bill Nugent
Article #115

Front and center in the culture wars these days is the matter of gay marriage. I don’t bring up this topic to be unkind and I’m certainly not motivated by hate. I’m motivated by Christian love to warn people about something that is of great danger to them, their children and society at large.

No society or city or country or municipality or any other political entity has ever recognized the marriage of two individuals of the same sex until just a few years ago. Even ancient Greece and Rome that had large homosexual populations never instituted homosexual civil unions or marriage.

Homosexuality can be examined from the standpoint of natural law. Natural law is the concept that rational principles — laws — can be discerned from nature. The fact that two people of the same sex don’t “fit together” in intercourse is a clue or hint from nature that homosexuality is deviant. The Bible affirms natural law in Psalm 19:1-3 and Romans 1:20. God’s laws are embedded in nature. Nature reveals things about God because God created nature. God’s wisdom is revealed through nature.

It was not long ago that all of American society regarded homosexuality as deviant. Even most of the homosexuals themselves wanted to get free of their erotic desire for the same sex. Many homosexuals sought help from psychologists. A generation ago the deviancy and perverseness of homosexuality didn’t have to be explained. People regarded it as abhorrent as eating a bowl full of live cockroaches.

To allow gay marriage would make a sacrament out of homosexual unions. It would give society’s highest stamp of approval. It would be the equivalent of making a sacrament of drug abuse. To make gay marriage the law of the land would give great momentum to the gay agenda. It would be a lot harder to keep pro-gay materials off of school curriculums across the country.

Society’s approval of homosexuality would increase the popularity of homosexuality and serve to draw more young people into it. Sandy Rios of Concerned Women for America has frequently pointed out that the literature, including magazines, of the male homosexual community are obsessed with boys. Many male homosexuals actively try to entice boys into their lifestyle. Many homosexuals were introduced into homosexuality when they themselves were boys and were sexually abused by an adult homosexual.

One study shows that about 27% of 12 year old boys are confused about their sexual identity/orientation. By the time they reach 17 years old that figure drops to about 5%. By the time they are 21 only about 2% of the male population are confused about their sexual identity/orientation. This study shows the particular vulnerability of 12 year old boys. The overwhelming majority of 12 year old boys will go on to be heterosexual but if homosexuality is accepted by society, a large number of these boys could be drawn into that lifestyle.

Because of the large number of diseases spread by homosexual intercourse, homosexuality is really not an alternative lifestyle but is a deathstyle. HIV/AIDS is just part of the problem. There are several sexually transmitted diseases spreading rapidly among male homosexuals who tend to have a large number of sex partners even when involved in a committed relationship with one other homosexual. Gay bowel syndrome and the spread of hepatitis C also contribute to the early deaths of many homosexuals.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi who practices reparative therapy of male homosexuality, has documented that many other psychological disorders accompany homosexuality. Homosexuals are more likely to be depressed and suicidal. Violence between homosexual partners is also an issue. The life expectancy for homosexuals is much shorter than the life expectancy for heterosexuals.

I heard the shocking testimony of a hospice nurse on the radio. She worked at a hospice with many homosexuals at the end stages of various diseases. The horrible diseases and sores acquired through homosexual unions are the stuff of horror films. The Bible in Romans 1:26 says “men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error” (NASB).

Homosexuality and gay marriage are not things we can ignore. We must not remain neutral on these issues. Homosexuals are destroying themselves by their sexual habits and they threaten to draw millions of young people into their deathstyle if society permits. If we as Christians truly love our neighbors we will not sit idly by as they destroy themselves. Let us reach out to them in genuine Christian love and turn them away from their sins to receive forgiveness and deliverance through Christ.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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