by Bill Nugent
Article #46

The tall lanky man strode down the hall at a major university in the northeastern U.S. He’s a professor of microbiology and he’s late for his own class. When he arrived in class he quieted the students and said “I’ve got a bombshell for you: Darwin’s theory of evolution has no scientific support!”

The class sat in stunned silence as if waiting for a punch line. The professor continued “I’m a scientist; I don’t come to conclusions lightly. I’ve believed in evolution all my life. I’ve taught evolution and explained natural phenomena from an evolutionary point of view. I’m a tenured professor. I can speak my mind without fear of retribution. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are at least four totally scientifically based objections that evolution simply can’t surmount. They are:


  • There is no possibility that complex chemicals (DNA, proteins, etc.) necessary for life can form at random. DNA is composed of hundreds of thousands of chemical base pairs all precisely sequenced. Even if such chemicals could form it is absurdly improbable that such chemicals once formed could then randomly come together to form a living one-celled organism. Even “simple” life forms are far too complex to form at random!
  • Genetic mutations virtually never add any significant information to the DNA. Genetic mutation, whether caused by radiation or chemical toxicity, simply scrambles the existing blueprint of a life form. Hence there is no mechanism for uphill macro-evolutionary change.
  • There is a lack of transitional forms in the fossil record. The missing links are still missing. An authority no less than Colin Paterson, chief paleontologist of the British Natural History Museum said that he knows of no fossil for which an airtight case can be made for it being a transitional form.
  • Evolutionary theory cannot account for sexual reproduction. Nonsexual reproduction would be far more efficient for proliferation of life forms in the evolutionary model.”


“Did you get religion!!!” a female student retorted from the third row. The professor shot back ” I’m talking about how science refutes evolution! Evolution has been disproven by scientific experimentation!!!” Two students shouted almost simultaneously“What experiments???”

The professor continued “You may have read about the famous fruit fly radiation experiments. Fruit flies were subjected to intense radiation to mutate their genes in order to try and form new species. They got dead fruit flies and grossly mutated fruit flies but after 100,000 generations they were still fruit flies!!! No new species were formed.”

The good professor in the dramatic novelette presented above has come to the same conclusion as that of many scientifically objective people. Darwinian evolution continues to be taught as the secular origins myth only because of its political and philosophical implications.

Evolution is the foundation of philosophical atheism. Darwinism is politically correct in spite of its lack of scientific support. Evolution is the basis for political correctness because if we came into being by materialistic evolution and not created by God then we can ignore God and form our own sexually licentious values.

People ignore God at their own peril. We are accountable to God in the afterlife. We must therefore seek God and partake of His redemption.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.


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