by Bill Nugent
Article #25

You leave the shopping mall and walk to the parking lot only to find that your car window has been smashed and your cellphone is missing. The police investigate and tell you that there is no thief. They say it wasn’t a thief that broke the car window and took the cellphone but rather it was random forces of nature.

The police boldly claim that there was a passing storm which caused hailstones and minor tornadoes. A hailstone broke your window and a minor tornado sucked the cellphone out of your car.

Incredulous, you exclaim: “How come none of the other cars were damaged? I didn’t hear any wind or hail when I was in the mall just a few feet away!” The police counter: “We have measured the relative humidity of the air in your car and found it to be higher than the humidity of the outside air. This means the hailstones that broke your car window melted and evaporated in your car and raised the humidity.” You protest: “That’s flimsy evidence! Any number of things can explain higher humidity in my car!”

The police refuse to investigate and insist that natural causes, not a thief, resulted in your missing cellphone. Would you be satisfied with that explanation? I think not. All of the evidence at the scene of the incident including the broken car window and the missing cellphone point to the fact that an intelligent being, in this case a thief, was the causal agent.

In a similar way our education elite ignore the evidence of design in biology and cling to belief in random natural forces as the cause of life. They offer flimsy evidence in the form of comparative anatomy and insist that random natural forces brought life into existence. They refuse to consider God as creator.

In the 1800s, when scientists thought living things were relatively simple, such reasoning was understandable. Darwin and Haeckel thought living cells were simply little dots or bags. Scientists now know that a single-celled organism must regulate over one trillion chemical reactions per second. Even a virus (a virus is smaller than a bacteria) may have over 9 million chemical base pairs in its DNA. Does anyone who has considered the facts really believe that single-celled organisms (and hence all of life) formed by random processes?

Even Sir Frederick Hoyle, prominent astronomer, said that a living cell could not form by chance anywhere in the universe in 20 billion years! The impossibility of life coming from nonlife is the 500 pound gorilla that most evolutionists refuse to wrestle. For the sake of their souls they must wrestle with the facts and come to believe in God.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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