by Bill Nugent
Article #92

A preconception is a rock solid opinion and is a grid through which a person views the world. A preconception is a cherished belief that is never tested and never doubted. A preconception is the bedrock on which a worldview is built.

An elderly Chinese man once testified that when the communists took over China and “reeducated” the people the first thing they taught was Darwinian evolution. Evolution and its implicit atheism is the foundation of utopian communism which is the idea that the people must give government all power to create paradise on earth. Evolution is the basic preconception necessary to allow for this Faustian utopian bargain.

In the United States evolution is taught to children at an early age, typically beginning in the primary school grades. Evolution is reinforced all through middle school, high school and college. This is how evolution becomes a preconception, a cherished belief in the minds of so many people.

Evolution becomes the grid by which multitudes of American young people view the world. Their minds become closed to other views of origins and of reality. The mind becomes set in the absurd idea that people are not accountable to a lawgiving God. They readily fall for the “do as you please….do drugs…have sex outside of marriage” mentality.

The idea of atheistic evolution has become so ingrained in so many people that the mounting scientific evidence that demonstrates the impossibility of evolution is scoffed at. People have made such an emotional and philosophical embrace of evolution that to abandon it would — they fear — leave them without a frame of reference. I implore all believers in evolution to cast off fear and look at evolution objectively and see the scientific evidence that refutes it before it’s too late.

Evolution is truly a theory in crisis and many of the top researchers in the rarefied air of pure science are abandoning it and embracing intelligent design. (See the book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Dr. Michael Denton.) Unfortunately this sea change has yet to filter down to the public school biology teachers and the school textbooks.

A leading light in science, Professor Pierre Grasse, who for 30 years held the chair in evolution at the illustrious French university, the Sorbonne, wrote: “The probability of dust carried by the wind reproducing Durer’s ‘Melancholia’ is less infinitesimal than the probability of copy errors in the DNA molecules leading to the formation of the eye.” Oh that such a statement could be read aloud in every public high school or college biology classroom!!!

There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The Intelligent Design Movement among scientists is growing although the main bulwarks of the scientific establishment still resist the facts. Let us therefore never grow weary of confronting science teachers and professors with the facts. The ceaseless cannonade of scientific facts eventually will pierce even the most hardened closed minds.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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