by Bill Nugent
Article #192

1. The impossibility of spontaneous generation falsifies evolution. Atheistic evolution asserts that the first living cell was formed by the random collisions of atoms in the primordial soup. Stanley Miller stunned the world in the early 1950s when he produced amino acids from methane and other gases. Miller’s further experiments and those of others to assemble the amino acids (which are bare building blocks) into larger building blocks and proto-cells were abject failures. Evolutionists not only haven’t been able to assemble a cell or proto-cell but they don’t even currently have a plausible generally accepted theory as to how it could happen by unguided processes. Microbiologist Michael Behe, in his book Darwin’s Black Box has shown that not only is a single celled organism amazingly complex but all its parts are interdependent and would have to form simultaneously and be assembled immediately. As microbiology advances it reveals more and more evidence showing the impossibility of spontaneous generation.  

2. The fossil record of marine invertebrates such as clams and crabs falsifies evolution. About 95% of all fossils are marine invertebrates and there are no transitional forms between trilobites and clams or between clams and crabs, etc. Since this overwhelmingly large fossil database reveals no reasonable transitional form it can be said that where the fossil record is most complete it is most undarwinian.

3. The fossil record of insects falsifies evolution. Twenty-eight orders of insects appear in the Cambrian fossil record. These fossil insects are exactly the same as insects living today except that some fossil examples are larger. This contradicts evolutionary theory because insects with their short life spans and prolific reproduction rates should be ideal candidates for mutations and changes based on mutations. If evolution were true we should see many transitional insect forms. The fossil record, however, shows no transitional forms among insects. Steven J. Gould, the previous generation’s greatest spokesman for evolution barely mentions insects in his magnum opus about evolution.

4. The fossil record of ancient apes and humans falsifies evolution. “Lucy” and the Australopithenes and other sensational finds are based on skimpy, incomplete skeletons and a lot of storytelling. CAT scans of fossil skulls are revealing the skulls of these ancient creatures to be either fully ape or fully human which is what the creationist position has been all along.

5. The fossil record of horses, whales and other mammals falsifies evolution. Evolutionists have tended to focus on the incomplete remains of largely soft tissue animals such as mammals and reptiles because the incomplete remains consisting only of bone allows a lot of room for storytelling. History, even natural history, is essentially a storyteller’s art. The whale series and horse series that adorn our high school textbooks have been refuted by scientists that point out that the series of fossils are drawn from different continents or the series are backwards showing “younger” fossils at the start or involving specimens so incomplete as to be overly speculative.

6. Genetics falsifies evolution in a number of ways. Modern genetics has overwhelmingly shown that mutations in the DNA are destructive errors. Not only are the vast majority of mutations harmful or neutral but mutations virtually never add specified information to the DNA to cause new organs to form. Furthermore, we know that DNA is composed of a long chain of nucleotide base pairs and that mutations typically do not add base pairs which would be necessary to put feathers and wings on the first bird for instance. Evolutionists defend against this by citing the rare instances of gene duplication and natural genetic splicing that enlarge the DNA. This does not solve the problem for the evolutionist because a duplication of genes adds no new genes or base pairs but just duplicates preexisting genetic information. Genetic splicing also fails because it is simply the transfer of base pairs from the DNA of one organism to the DNA of another organism. The evolutionist can’t explain how the first organism involved in the genetic splicing got its base pairs in the first place. Without the ADDITION of entirely new base pairs to DNA evolution has no mechanism for a simple organism to evolve into a more complex organism!

7. Bird flu virus mutations and other microbe mutations falsify evolution. Bird flu is in the news and rightly so. Beware of devout secularists who claim that bird flu is “evolving.” The truth of the matter is that bird flu and other microbes devolve and devolution is the opposite of evolution. As bird flu virus mutates its DNA loses information and this loss of information changes its characteristics. In a different kind of mutation such as a splice it receives a transfer of genetic material from another virus. This is a transfer of pre-existing base pairs and is not a novel addition to the virus gene pool. Hence no uphill evolution occurs.

8. Compound traits on animals falsifies evolution. A woodpecker has an extra thick skull, a heavy duty beak, an extra long tongue and it stores its tongue in a loose flap of skin behind its skull. All four of these characteristics must evolve simultaneously for evolution to be true. An extra long tongue without the loose flap of skin behind the skull to store it would be an extreme disadvantage. The heavy duty beak and thick skull would be of little use without the long tongue to lick up insects in tree trunks. The chance that the necessary mutations to cause all four new traits to appear simultaneously is so improbable as to be impossible. Furthermore the mutations would have to add probably tens of thousands of new base pairs all properly sequenced in the DNA. Mutations virtually never add base pairs.

9. The mounting evidence for a young age of planet earth falsifies evolution. Evolutionists claim that the earth is 5 billion years old. They must have an old earth to allow for the long ages necessary for evolution to take place. They rely on an old earth theory of geologic history. Geologic history, like any theory of history is soft science or art. There is much evidence that falsifies old earth geology. The age of earth is better measured in thousands rather than millions of years. Here is some evidence of young age of earth:

  1. There are several documented finds of the remains of soft tissue, including blood containing hemoglobin, in dinosaur bones. No one would ever expect soft tissue to be preserved in any way over millions of years.
  2. Human skeletons and artifacts have been found in coal seams. Coal is supposed to be millions of years old. The fact that many human remains and artifacts have been found in coal is evidence that coal deposits were formed during the global upheavals that occurred during the flood of Noah.
  3. Carbon 14 has been found in all coal samples. Carbon 14 is supposed to decay to zero in less than a hundred thousand years.
  4. f the oceans were millions of years old they would be super saturated with salt and other minerals. The oceans are no where near saturated and this proves the oceans are young.
  5. The decay of earth’s magnetic field is another area that proves young earth. If the earth were even one million years old its magnetic field would have been gone long ago. All of these examples and many more are documented by Ph. D. scientists at http://www.answersingenesis.org

10. The only area in which evolution gains any traction is in the matter of vestigial organs. Vestiges are organs that appear to be useless to the animal and are claimed by evolutionists to be evidence that the animal is evolving away from using that organ. Examples would be toes on pigs that don’t touch the ground and wings on flightless birds. Evolutionists also point to what they consider “design flaws” in certain organisms. For instance they say that the birth canal of a human female is poorly designed. Evolutionists will cite these examples and then in bizarre fashion retreat to a theological argument and say “Why would the Creator deliberately design such a useless organ on a creature?”Creationists rebut such a line of attack by citing the first three chapters of the book of Genesis and Romans 8:20. These Bible passages teach that God created a perfect, orderly creation but when Adam sinned a curse came upon the earth. This curse resulted in vast changes in plants and animals that were detrimental in many respects. The curse is what accounts for the alleged design flaws and vestiges.

11. Evolution, when applied in a practical way to surgery, physical therapy and other fields often gives disastrous results.Defenders of evolution often make the spurious claim that you can’t understand biology without believing in evolution. This has led many physicians to remove tonsils from children because tonsils were thought to be vestiges. Now tonsils are seldom removed because we know they have a vital body function. In physical therapy the famous “Williams Flexion Exercises” were back exercises meant to reduce back pain by reducing the curvature of the lower back vertebrae. The curvature of the lower back was thought by evolutionists to be a vestige leftover from the time that humans supposedly walked on all fours. We now know that the human back is superbly designed and the best exercises for relief of back pain are those that restore normal curvature of the spine.

12. Evolution, when applied to social science and political philosophy has given disastrous results. Nazism was based on evolution. Hitler’s book Mien Kampf makes many appeals to Darwinism in its message asserting the alleged superiority of the Aryan race. Marx appealed to Darwinian evolution as a major part of the philosophical basis of communism. When Mao’s forces took China they taught Darwinism, tried to exterminate all religion and ended up killing millions of innocent people.

Evolution is not biology. Evolution merely claims to be a history of biology. Biology is science. History, even natural history, is at best a soft science or more properly called an art. Evolution is a theory of natural history and is therefore a soft science or a form of art. Biology is an experimental or “hard” science. Don’t fall for the ruse that evolution has been scientifically proven. It is impossible to prove any theory of history of any subject because history by its very nature deals with nonrepeatable events that occurred in the distant past. Evolution or any other historical theory can’t be proven in the formal sense and can’t be disproven in the formal experimental sense. Any defense of evolution involves inferential evidence. Inferential evidence is evidence that points to a conclusion and renders it probable but not certain. There is such a preponderance of strong inferential evidence that points to a falsification of evolution that evolution is rendered highly unlikely to ever have occurred.

To sum up let me say that evolution is clearly falsified by the best and most recent scientific evidence. The last refuge for the evolutionist which is vestigial organs is shaky at best and easily explained by creationists. Evolution with its implicit atheism now holds center stage in our taxpayer funded schools. This is both an injustice and a tragedy because atheistic evolution, by denying the Creator God, removes the very basis for the teaching of morals. It’s time to remove taxpayer support for evolution and return godly morals to our young people.


(C) 2016 William P. Nugent, permission granted to email or republish for Christian outreach.

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