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Three Major Scientific Issues that Disprove Darwinian Evolution

article #316 by Bill Nugent   There were two fleas on the back of a large dog. They were deep in the fur and nestle...

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My Personal Journey Through Darwinian Evolution

Article #308 by Bill Nugent   Sitting in public school science class in the fifth grade,¬†I saw a classmate flip th...


The Coming Paradigm Shift in the Biological Sciences

Article #284 By Bill Nugent A paradigm shift is a sea change. A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the way scient...


Proof that Genetic Mutations are not a Mechanism for Evolution

Article #281 by Bill Nugent Darwinists claim that the accumulation of favorable genetic mutations is how humans evolved...

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by Bill Nugent Article #41 An elderly man, grizzled and bent yet still maintaining an air of dignity, walked along a sou...